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East Fork Gold Prospecting

East Fork Gold Prospecting


Yes, the beloved East Fork san Gabriel River.  So much rich gold mining history close to Los Angeles and San Bernardino.  Got skunked up there?  Most first timers do.  Even some more seasoned prospecting quickly give up too.  One thing people should know is that gold prospecting is hard work.  You cant dig up a 1 oz nugget in one bucket.  You may never find even 1 nugget if you don’t put in the hard work, as well as possess the knowledge successful east fork sluicers, panners, drywashers, and metal detector operators have usually learned the hard way – over time…

There is a way to learn the east fork in a 2 or 3 hour crash course.  check out current our roster here.  We offer gold prospecting and metal detecting lessons throughout Los Angeles, San Gabriel, San Bernardino, and beyond!


– Unbiased consultants and teachers give you the real deal.  We aren’t trying to sell you equipment

– No need to waste tanks of gas, money, and most importantly, time prospecting blind

– Learn to work smart and best places we dig

– Our gold prospecting trips are always fun and informative


Visit our site or call us now at 818-779-8473 for more info.



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