Little Tujunga Canyon Gold Prospecting


Little Tujunga Canyon

Interested in this area?  Well, here’s a tip.  Go to 5000+ ft elevation, and look for red iron streaks in the cuts on the side of the road.  That red dirt is gold bearing, though its not just laying there for you to pick up.  If you are into Metal Detecting, you may wanna try the Gold Creek area.  Though, the old timers raped it pretty hard.  Bottom line, there is gold in little tujunga.  However, we arent crazy about that area.  Yea, there’s those spots James Klein mentioned in 1978 LOL.  Yes, there is gold, but are you trying to fill vials, or get fly poop?

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Los Angeles Treasure Hunting


Encino, Ca

Are you looking for some history on la?  Something to give you a little more info on treasure hunting?  Well, north Hollywood park is a good place to stop.  The city of North Hollywood used to be called Lankershim, and was one of the first established areas in the valley.

Also, Encino is a good area to check, as the spanish settlers named in Los Encinos…Los Encinos State Historic Park (cant hunt in state parks), at the corner of Balboa and Ventura Blvd. Los Encinos State Historic Park, at the corner of Balboa and Ventura Blvd. in Encino, California, was the hub of Rancho El Encino. Located in the San Fernando Valley, this California rancho includes the original nine-room de la Ossa Adobe, the two-story limestone Garnier building, a blacksmith shop, a natural spring, and a pond.

Some treasure hunting explorers have found gold coins north of Malibu.  Careful not to trespass.  Apparently, Spanish ships sunk sometimes, and gold coins were deposited, then washed onshore… Man would it be nice to go treasure scuba hunting off the shores of Malibu…One could possibly find sunken ships, possibly containing precious, valuable cargo.

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classes for kids pasadena


You are probably looking for a rewarding and fulfilling activity for your child.  As a parent, I understand your quest.  I am an instructor at  We teach gold prospecting lessons in the los angeles and san bernardino area.  I love working for GML because it affords me the ability to earn a living while teaching people how to sluice, pan, metal detect – even drywash for gold.  Gold prospecting is a fun and rewarding hobby, that teaches us a lot about patience, discipline and hard work.  What are you waiting for? Come check out our current class schedule.
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Gold Nuggets In Southern California

Gold Nuggets In Southern California

You have found this site because you are on a quest for gold in so cal.  Want to find gold in los angeles, san bernardino, or beyond? will show you the gold.

We don’t sell gear, so we can give you unbiased, honest instruction and recommendations about what sluice, drywasher, or detector to buy.

You’ve been watching “gold rush” on the discovery channel.  Why don’t you get out of your easy chair and come get some gold!

Gold Prospecting in Los Angeles


Gold near LA?  No way, right?  WRONG!

There is gold all over los angeles and surrounding counties, such as San Bernardino and San Gabriel.

The most notable site is the East for San Gabriel River.  Many go out here with big hopes of striking gold nuggets pickers and flakes.  Most first timers get skunked.  Why?  Well, there’s a lot of reasons for this…

First, many amatuer gold prospectors don’t understand the basics of gold mining.  There are rules.  You either learn them, or waste months or years figuring it out. teaches gold panning, sluice box, metal detector, and drywashing classes throughout some of the more significant gold bearing regions of southern California.

Not only are the trips affordable, but up to 2 kids under 12 are free.  The instructors are great guys.  They are friendly and definitely passionate about finding gold.  Gold prospecting is more of an addiction than anything.  Many former fisherman drop their lines, trading in their pole for a shovel and sluice!  We’ve seen it happen. gives unbiased advice, because we don’t sell gold prospecting equipment.  There is never any conflict of interest.  We are your fast track to the gold.

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